BTS KeenEdge Specialise in TCT & HSS Saw Blades, Manufacture of HSS & Carbide Router bits plus Precision Sharpening. Design, Production, Sales & Service Of Saw Blades (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous); DM05 Solid High Speed Steel Cold Saw Blades (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Cold Saw, & Tin Coated); Segmetal Saw Blades (Billet, Structural Steel, Tube, Fabrication, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting); "DoAll" Brand Band Saw Blade (Carbide Tipped, Bi-Metal & Carbon & Structural); Jiffy Friction & Hot Saw Blades (Tube, Structural, Fabrication); Lubricants, Cutting Fluids, "BTS" Lube Shield-Dry Film Lubricant & Lube Tube Stick Wax.






"Industrial Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades & Precision Sharpening"

"BTS" Tungsten Carbide Tipped Regular Circular Saw Blades (100mm-700mm) Capacity  - Ask about our "BTS" Range of "LOW NOISE" Aluminium Cutting TCT Saw Blades especially engineered for quieter cutting (customers tests prove up to 70% less noise from regular standard blades) Tradesman's tools for specific trade applications.                                                          Ferrous, Plastics, Non-Ferrous Composites - Wood - Aluminium 

"BTS" Slow Speed DM05 HSS Steam Vapo Cold Saw Blades, 32 & 40mm bore sizes available with standard pin holes - We offer the  best prices in NZ - our composite material is genuine "T1" M42 DIN 1838 HSS - don't be put off  by cheaper priced blades - you could find they are soft & won't last as long!  Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Circular Cold Saw Blades *Note- We cut the teeth to suit your material cutting requirements -Note, these blades are also known as Eisell, Brobo, Herbert etc.

We specialise in tool & cutter grinding, Carbide &  High Speed Steel Tool sharpening + manufacture +  turning & milling - universal cylindrical grinding - industrial planer & guillotine knife & blade sharpening-  we have machine space available and offer prompt turn around times at very competitive rates.

Jiffy Friction Saw Blade re-sharpening to 1000mm dia to 450 tooth, 3 to 10mm blade thickness  
Tube, Fabrication, Structural

SLITTER  Knife/Blade Sharpening -  capacity from 15mm - 650mm dia  Log Saws, Print Finishing Core Cutters, Paper Slitting, Crush Cutters  also sharpening of Hydraulic Hose cutting saws, double & single bevel slitters - Supply & Sharpening of Tungsten knives.                                  Paper Tube Belts/Kevlar cutters - we also offer a full sharpening service

Annular Cutter,Mag Drill & Rotary Broach Sharpening & Supply - keenest prices in town! - Call now for prices

"DoAll"   Genuine Toolroom Quality BiMetal Band Saw Blade  1/16"- 2"Wide Capacity   Bimetal & Carbide bandsaw bladeing  
Carbide Tipped, Bi-Metal, Carbon, Stainless Steel,  Knife Band, Diamond Edge,  Honeycomb, Scallop Edge Blade, Structural Blade, File Band

 "IZAR"   Quality Carbide & HSS End Mills

If it's a non stocked item we will do our very best to source it locally or use our extensive worldwide resources to acquire it for you..........






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BiMetal Bandsaw Blade